Turn customer data into real-time actionable insights by leveraging proprietary data collection methods and machine learning.

Big data insights at the tips of your fingers

Through the lens of Grow's Analytics, you will tap into previously unavailable insights generated through algorithmic cash flow analysis and other proprietary methods. Grow your wallet share per customer by understanding their...

  • Bank fees paid to other institutions
  • Investment products
  • Mortgage information, like renewal date and interest rate
  • Insurance products
  • Savings products
  • Velocity and direction of spend
  • Share of wallet
Analytics mobile screenshot.

A richer understanding of your customers

Deliver even greater value-added advice and product recommendations to optimize their financial well-being with a better understanding of their situation.

Cross Selling Opportunities

Our algorithms identify cross-sale opportunities tailored to your specific products for new and existing customers. Cross sales are delivered digitally, including on your website during application and within the customer's account.

The right data at the right time

Arm your employees with the valuable customer information they need to deliver the best advice possible during their limited face-to-face time.

Cash flow analysis

Many of our deep data insights are achieved through cash flow analysis, which gives us a real-time glimpse into the spending behaviour of the applicant, even if they bank with someone other than you.

Aggregate and individual customer information

View aggregate data from a summary level to understand key trends and indicators about your customer base, or drill down to the customer-level for actionable marketing insights.

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