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Instant digital KYC for best-in-class verification

Powered by FinSnap, digitally verify your customer’s details to instantly meet FINTRAC regulations without compromising user experience

Instantly verify customers using:

Bank Account Verification.

Instantly verify the user's bank account information

Balance Verification.

Instantly confirm the users bank balance

Transaction History.

FinSnap pulls up to 3 years of transaction level data, categorizing and tagging it for immediate insights and red flags

ID Verification

The front of the User's ID is matched against template versions of same ID. ID image is checked against the unique security features built into authentic forms of ID to ensure validity. Features analyzed include holograms, watermarks, ultraviolet features and more

With additional features to optimize user experience:

Face Matching Functionality.

Ensure that the face image extracted from the selfie image matches the facial image in the driver’s license. A confidence score is also provided

Barcode scan.

The barcode on the back of the ID is scanned to auto populate personal information fields to reduce friction and minimize human error

Optical Character Recognition.

OCR compares information on the front of the ID to compare against information pulled from the barcode scan

Blur Detection.

Alert the user if the picture they have uploaded is too blurry, improving user experience by minimizing friction and processing time due to human error

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