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Canada’s most robust bank account aggregator

Better data for better banking

The Power of Grow

Understand your customers – instantly. With FinSnap you’ll get to know your customer better in seconds than you would in years of face-to-face relationship building.

FinSnap is Grow’s proprietary bank account aggregator, enabling users to link all their financial products from various banking relationships through one platform.

The data collected and analyzed through FinSnap powers other features of the Grow Platform and provides deep insights for marketing and cross-selling.

Actionable data for stronger growth.

Turn customer data into real-time actionable insights. FinSnap collects transaction-level data of up to 3 years for all financial products and banking relationships of your customers. Make use of either the exported raw data alone, or work with Grow’s machine learning algorithms to better understand the customer’s financial profile, spending behaviour, and which products to sell next.

Canadian-focused data aggregation.

Grow's transaction data models and categorization techniques are bespoke to the Canadian market, providing greater depth and fidelity of information; better cover and faster uptime. Unlike US or international providers, all of Grow’s bank account aggregation data is backed up in Canada in compliance with relevant Canadian regulations, including OSFI B-10.

Instant KYC.

Verification just got easier. FinSnap enables instant digital KYC including bank account verification, income and asset verification. Reduce human error and improve conversion rates by improving drop-off in onboarding and underwriting processes. Processes that used to take days are reduced to minutes.

Secure, easily integrated APIs.

Developer-friendly REST and JSON application programming interfaces ensure easy integration.

FinSnap Options

Raw Cash Flow Data Collection

FinSnap’s base feature. With your customers’ permission, extract up to 3 years of cash flow data from their verified bank accounts. All retail banking products data present in a customers’ online banking are available and passed along through our API.

Transaction Tagging & Categorization

FinSnap tags user transactions in order to categorize your customer’s cashflow. Understand individual spend, identify brand loyalty, segment spend by broad group, and identify liabilities not reported to credit bureaus.

Account Number Identification

Automatically identify the user’s name and bank account number to prove ownership of a Canadian account to pass FINTRAC dual process method. FinSnap removes the need to manually request void cheques and direct deposit forms.

Calculation Algorithms

FinSnap identifies and verifies data such as income, housing costs, obligations, and NSF fees charged. Additionally, it can identify bill payees and recurring transactions to enable Grow’s Payment Switching add-on. 

Cross-sale Algorithms

FinSnap continuously improves it’s algorithms to identify the user’s other bank products within their verified account and automates sensible cross-sale opportunities that make sense both for your customers and your business.

Product-level information and metadata

Identify renewal dates on mortgage products, interest rates on credit products, like credit cards and lines of credit, and repayment history on all products attached to the customer’s online banking.

How do we use customer data?

We are transparent about how we use data from our software to improve future iterations of our products

Grow is more than happy to expunge any and all Personally Identifiable Information according to your needs, so your customer’s data is never at risk

Grow uses derivative data – anonymized and aggregate data – to improve our software’s conversion rates, usability, fraud and compliance algorithms. We create a network effect with this data so that the services are optimized using the largest and most reliable data set available.

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