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Automated compliance

Grow’s Compliance Engine streamlines operations while ensuring all new users are 100% KYC/AML compliant

Multiple data sources

More data points, pulled from both credit bureau reports and FinSnap, create a more robust compliance solution

24/7 Compliance

Enable account openings to happen around the clock, meeting compliance regulations every time, anytime

‘Fuzzy’ matching

Refine the credit bureau pull, reduce errors and improve user experience with Grow's fuzzy matching technique


As the Grow Platform develops, so does our capacity to meet further compliance requirements

How do we use customer data?

We are transparent about how we use data from our software to improve future iterations of our products

Grow is more than happy to expunge any and all Personally Identifiable Information according to your needs, so your customer’s data is never at risk

Grow uses derivative data – anonymized and aggregate data – to improve our software’s conversion rates, usability, fraud and compliance algorithms. We create a network effect with this data so that the services are optimized using the largest and most reliable data set available.

How the Compliance Engine works.


Documentation is collected from the user’s application, including:

Credit bureau report

Bank Account Information

Optional: Utility bill, bank statement

Uploaded documents are only required if the credit bureau report and FinSnap data collection fails.

Compliance Engine goes to work.

Based on the documents provided, the user’s identity is automatically verified through the Compliance Engine. Additional requirements can be configured according to your needs.

References provided.

Required reference numbers for each compliance document can be provided in case of an internal or external compliance audit

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