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Your decisions, completely automated

Grow’s configurable Adjudication Engine automates approvals so you can give customers instant answers – anytime, anywhere.

Configurable logic

The logic model for approvals and disapprovals is configured according to your requirements

24/7 Approvals

Provide instant decisions around the clock so your customers are never kept waiting and you never miss an opportunity

Efficient Workflows

Save time and get more done with automated workflows

Manual options

Our Adjudication Engine gives you the option to include manual workflows

Flexible application

Use our Adjudication engine for lending, product recommendations and actionable insights

How Adjudication works.


Various data points collected largely through FinSnap and user information are collated, such as:

Credit bureau report


Housing costs

Bill payments

Financial goals

Other assets & liabilities

Adjudication Engine goes to work.

The logic powering the Engine is configurable based on your requirements. The Engine takes the inputs and applies logic, and decisions are determined automatically.

The decision model can be based on a previously determined model using fixed rules, orĀ a dynamic model that utilizes machine learning combined with real-time feedback loops.

Decision output.

The decision model finalizes an outcome for the user – this could be an action or an insight. For example:

User is approved for a loan

User is recommended an RRSP

Duplicate bill payments are identified

Feedback loop.

The outcomes and resulting actions generate feedback into our Adjudication Engine so that dynamic logic models are refined, optimized, and made more valuable over time.

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