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Grow empowers financial institutions to deliver outstanding services through technology and data analytics


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add remove Does Grow go direct to consumer?

No. Grow solutions are white labelled, only reaching consumers via the financial institutions we work with.

add remove Who are Grow's customers?

Grow’s customers are credit unions and banks, lenders, insurance providers, and other financial service providers.

add remove Does Grow provide loans?

No. Grow does not provide retail or commercial loans directly to consumers. We build the software to enable lenders to provide loans.

add remove What is enterprise SaaS?

While Grow exhibits many elements of pure software-as-a-service platforms including:

  • Rapid deployment;
  • Cloud hosted;
  • Scalable usage;
  • Recurring subscription fees as opposed to licence fees;
  • Ongoing automatic security and product updates; and
  • Accessibility;

it also includes elements of traditional software. Though Grow is not a traditional software provider, Grow customers are afforded degrees of configuration and integration established in implementation phases, reminiscent of enterprise software practices.


The term ‘Enterprise saas’ attempts to capture the best of both worlds, offering the ease and speed to market of SaaS while still incorporating the attention to detail and high-touch customer approach that makes enterprise software successful.

add remove What’s the difference between Grow’s pre-integrated and full integrated solution?

Grow’s pre-integrated solution does not integrate with core banking. The pre-integrated solution can deploy in a matter of weeks and offers an immediate seamless end-to-end digital banking solution available to end users. At a time it suits your organization, the fully-integrated Grow solution integrates with your core banking system for automated back-end information flow.

add remove Is there a difference between pre-integrated or full integrated solutions for end users?

The user journey is the same regardless of pre or full integration. The key difference is same-day fulfillment for pre-integration as opposed to real-time fulfillment once fully-integrated. One launched the Grow Platform will immediately deliver value to your members, providing a consistent user experience throughout any changes to your underlying systems.

add remove Can customers deploy with a pre-integrated solution first and fully integrate later?

Absolutely. The pre-integrated solution is designed to operate effectively without core banking integration, and still provides the ability to fully integrate without re-working. You can integrate Grow with your core banking system at any time – when it makes the most sense for your organization relative to your other initiatives.

add remove Can Grow integrate with third party vendor applications?

Grow’s Platform offers robust solutions for most customer needs due to our API based services. However, we are flexible on some of these solutions and are happy to substitute your preferred vendor for specific requirements. Grow’s software is built as a platform that can integrate various microservices, regardless of whether they are proprietary Grow software, or third party vendors. To discuss third party applications, please contact us.

add remove How does Grow access user credit reports without affecting their credit score?

Grow pulls information from the credit bureau with what’s called a ‘soft inquiry’. This allows us to view select information from the user’s report without having to register a hard inquiry and affecting their score. This information, along with the rest of their self-reported application and other publicly available information allows Grow to generate a personalized quote for each individual applicant without affecting their credit score.

add remove Does Grow keep user data?

User data is our customer’s data – we don’t keep it and we certainly do not sell or share it. The only data we do use is anonymized and aggregated data that is fully de-personalized and includes no personally identifiable information (PII). Grow works with highly regulated financial institutions and already complies with a range of international, federal and provincial regulations pertaining to data storage, privacy and usage.