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Grow empowers financial institutions to deliver outstanding services through technology and data analytics


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add remove Does Grow go direct to consumer?

No. Grow solutions are white labelled, only reaching consumers via the financial institutions we work with.

add remove Who are Grow's customers?

Grow’s customers are credit unions and banks, lenders, insurance providers, and other financial service providers.

add remove Does Grow provide loans?

No. Grow does not provide retail or commercial loans directly to consumers. We build the software to enable lenders to provide loans.

add remove Does Grow work outside of Canada?

As a Canadian company, Grow has developed it’s solutions focused on the Canadian market to improve the categorization accuracy of  transaction level data, verification of Canadian accounts, and fidelity of information. However, the Grow Platform is not inherently limited to Canadian geographies and will be moving into international markets soon.

add remove What is enterprise SaaS?

While Grow exhibits many elements of pure software-as-a-service platforms including:

  • Rapid deployment;
  • Cloud hosted;
  • Scalable usage;
  • Recurring subscription fees as opposed to licence fees;
  • Ongoing automatic security and product updates; and
  • Accessibility;

it also includes elements of traditional software. Though Grow is not a traditional software provider, Grow customers are afforded degrees of configuration and integration established in implementation phases, reminiscent of enterprise software practices.


The term ‘Enterprise saas’ attempts to capture the best of both worlds, offering the ease and speed to market of SaaS while still incorporating the attention to detail and high-touch customer approach that makes enterprise software successful.