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Omnichannel Account Opening that gets customers using your products faster

Retail and SME Account Opening solutions for banks and credit unions

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Get new and existing customers into financial products with a faster, smarter omnichannel onboarding process.
Grow’s Retail & SME Account Opening solutions are end-to-end, fully configurable SaaS solutions for financial institutions that maximize customer acquisition and wallet share growth by providing industry leading user experience, proven fraud and compliance capabilities and advanced analytics powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms.
Accessible through browser and through your existing mobile app, Grow’s account origination capabilities offer the most effective way to onboard new users and grow wallet share with existing users. Enjoy rapid deployment, ongoing enhancements and industry leading practices through our cloud based SaaS solutions.
Embedded bank account aggregator FinSnap enables instant KYC/AML compliant verification, while also providing deep insights for cross-sell and marketing opportunities.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy in a matter of weeks with Grow's pre-integrated to full-integrated launch plan options

Instant Verification

Data aggregated through FinSnap in conjunction with a credit bureau pull and a slick UI ensures compliance with PCMLTFA/KYC without compromising UX

FinSnap Bank Account Aggregation

FinSnap collects and analyzes up to 3 years of transaction level data, enabling deep insights for cross-selling and marketing

Admin Console

Manually review all flagged account applications; edit copy and more in our easy to use management tool

Automated Auditable Compliance

An automated activity log in the Grow Admin Console and auto generated reference numbers makes audits simpler

Dynamic Fraud Prevention

Automatically verify identity based on: credit bureau report; selfie image capture & analysis; cash flow analytics; IP & email risk score; ID verification software; bank account verification


When you work with Grow, you can be safe in the knowledge that our Account Opening solution is used by OSFI audited and approved financial institutions. Reduce risk and work with a partner that you know meets the highest regulatory standards for compliance.


Retail or SME

Account Opening is supported for both retail and small business customers

Single or Multi-user accounts

The Grow Platform can effectively support both single and multi-user account openings

Member share purchase

An available feature for credit unions that require new members to purchase shares


As a white labelled solution, your brand elements (colours, logo, copy, font) are added to the Account Opening UI to ensure a seamless brand experience

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How It Works.

Account Opening Illustrated_create a profile

User creates a new Profile

The User seamlessly enters the Grow Platform from your site. During Onboarding, the User uploads a primary ID and OCR enables basic info to be pre-filled. User portrait is uploaded and validated, with an option for additional processing.
Account Opening Illustrated_product selection

Product Selection

The User selects a financial product - these options are configurable - and begins the account opening process
Account Opening Illustrated_finsnap

FinSnap in Action

FinSnap collects, tags and analyzes up to three years of the User’s transaction level data across all their financial products and banking relationships. FinSnap enables several other capabilities like Verification and Compliance
Account Opening Illustrated_verify bank


Grow’s dynamic selection of the most appropriate KYC identification method instantly verifies the User’s identification, bank accounts and balances against information pulled from credit bureau report, preventing fraud and reducing risk
Account Opening Illustrated_compliance

Compliance & Legal

Our Compliance Engine ensures regulatory requirements are met and legal terms agreed
Account Opening Illustrated_complete

Application Complete

User data is sent securely to your core system and User’s enrollment in their new account is complete - quickly and efficiently

In more detail…

Take a closer look at the Grow Platform’s innovative software features driving our digital Account Opening solution