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New Year, New Features: Introducing Comparative Analytics for Grow Dashboard

Grow is excited to announce the launch of its new Comparative Analytics feature, now available through their customer engagement and education solution Dashboard.

Grow Dashboard, a white labelled personal financial management tool that supports customer acquisition and engagement, helps users understand ‘what’s normal’ when it comes to financial matters.

What It Does

In addition to providing users with their credit score and report, Dashboard’s new Comparative Analytics feature is able to answer user questions like “How much credit card debt do I have compared to people around my age living in Calgary?”

Users will be able to compare their credit score and credit card debt to other demographics based on age and location. Soon, users will also be able to compare income and housing and costs to answer questions such as “How much income do I earn compared to people around my age living in Vancouver?”

Smarter Decisions

Comparative insights assist the user’s education and understanding of their own financial situation so they can optimize their finances more effectively through informed decision-making.

“People are always keen to understand how their financial situation compares to others, so they can understand the opportunities they have to make improvements to their own finances. Unfortunately that kind of data is hard to come by, and it’s often inappropriate or impossible to ask your peers,” said Jesse Penner, VP Product at Grow. “Knowledge is power, and the Comparative Analytics feature is one key way Dashboard empowers people to optimize their finances, providing valuable insights that help them make better life decisions.”

A Win-win

Grow Dashboard, launched at the end of 2018, is available to end users through Grow customers; financial institutions across Canada. With the Comparative Analytics feature, users will derive more value from their banking relationships. Financial service providers will be able to effortlessly improve customer engagement, retention and satisfaction by providing self-serve insights to help empower their decision-making.