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New Website is Here!

It’s days like this where I really wish we had a gong to ring. We’ve finally got our website live!

As the new Marketing Manager at Grow in a newly created role, getting a marketing-friendly website up and running was my number one priority.

As the company started to scale and implement growth strategies in earnest, it was clear that a website that was manageable by a growing Marketing team was going to be essential. We’re having fun building out processes and getting other infrastructure in place, but I knew that the website was going to be ground zero for me.

I knew the learning curve when I joined Grow was going to be steep – as our product is innovative and complex – and I thought that diving straight in with a big project like this would be a great way to get really, really wet feet.

We had a few objectives with the new site:

  • It should accurately reflect Grow’s enterprise business objectives and long-term vision
  • It needed to be able to support lead generation activities and integrate easily with a CRM
  • It needed to be flexible and scalable
  • It wasn’t going to require dev support and could be managed by marketing team

Ironically, even though I am surrounded by super talented developers, I knew that I didn’t want to rely on them to get the site built and for on-going management – they’ve got to focus on delivering for our customers, after all. I considered different routes to take but ultimately settled on WordPress, knowing that content marketing was going to be a key part of our strategies going forward and feeling safe in the knowledge that there are plugins and integrations available for everything under the sun. And having worked with WordPress extensively in the past, I knew that I’d be able to do the bulk of the work on my own, which was important for this Party-of-One.

My co-workers have been incredibly supportive (it’s nerve-wracking presenting a website you’ve built to topnotch engineers!) and were essential to getting me over the finish line with the migration – a big thank you to everyone involved (I’m looking at you, Henry and Kevin G). It’s a real testament to the value of teamwork at Grow.

As any marketer knows, optimization is ongoing and the target is always in motion. So even though I feel a great sense of accomplishment having this site launched, I’m really looking forward to making improvements and building-out our lead gen processes to really make the most of every conversion.

We’ve got a lot of exciting plans coming up ahead, but for now, I’m going to enjoy the brief respite (aka a glass of bubbles) passing a major milestone offers after a several months of hard work.



Chantal Yeung is Marketing Manager at Grow | chantal.yeung@poweredbygrow.com